in Atmworld, Chinatown Soup, New York, NY

February 18 - 25th, 2017

Mark Bosz and I hacked an ATM machine to run a game called The Last Male White Rhino. The game, structured like an ATM interface, invites players to question issues of global economics. The last male white rhino, named Sudan, lives surrounded 24/7 by armed guards, a phenomenon caused by not only the Eastern medicinal rhino horn powder trade, but also Western colonization. In both instances, the elite feed their libidinal hunger through conquest of a beast, its horn a supposed aphrodisiac, its mounted head a symbol of foreign domination. The game Big Buck Hunter Safari can be found scattered throughout bars and arcades in New York City. I found the imagery and situational context of this game to be potent and considered how hunting culture, gun rights, post-colonial politics, an infinitely dying and infinitely reincarnated rhino, and the sexualization of the other intersected in an age of ecological collapse. 


Last Male White Rhino confronted viewers with the eponymous animal embedded in an ATM screen. The other pieces in this show include an ATMWORLD manifesto (see below), two digital collages on vinyl banners several found object sculptures, all a record of the mass of waste and information that threatens to smother us.  

Atmworld is portal to a world of opportunity

Invisible network of media form : bits

Manic free association
Atmworld keeps you going!

Atmworld is a haven a beacon, egg cheese

Telling you come hither

Atmworld is positively open late nite

sponsored by redbull & punching

Atmworld is that little cartwheeling man

Atmworld is a value system

Trade and barter

Atmworld is a game of add-on

Collaborate and gift

Find and collect

Atmworld is an ocean of trash
Island of flyaway receipts, cardboard
Atmworld is random and questionable

feels like the enamel is sliding off your teeth
The air is misty tar dark red roses and swedish

Horses that can kill you, special bells

Atmworld is stolen sexy : tits, little babies

Atmworld is dedicated to you

Atmworld is an atm parts & equipment company

based in Long Island City
Atmworld is in between space a

Mental place a double Aries

Atmworld is totemic material significance

Deep spiritual obsession

Metaphysic language

Atmworld is HOT and melting, water

It’s hot in atmworld