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"Nearness preserves farness."

- Martin Heidegger

"Das Ding," 1950

"...a robot has nothing to do with cybernetics."

- Gilbert Simondon

"Cybernétique et philsophie," 1953

"The dream of the yellow woman

subsumes a dream about the inorganic."

- Anne Anlin Cheng

Ornamentalism, 2019

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please visit Instagram, @yesmacaroni, to view my work

Charlotte G. Chin Greene (b. New York, 1992) is an artist and curator based in Philadelphia, PA.


Grounded in research, their work merges digital tools with body-driven practices in found object, drawing, video, installation, and performance. They received their MFA in Sculpture from Tyler School of Art and Architecture. Exhibitions include Crucible, Spencer Brownstone Gallery (New York); infinite dynamic horizons, Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Brooklyn); Remote Viewing, Temple Contemporary (Philadelphia); Tack and Hide, Wick Gallery (Brooklyn); Ghost in the Ghost, Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Brooklyn); Lamerica, Bible Gallery (New York). Curatorial projects include To De-Petrify, Sean M. Starowitz, KieranTimberlake (Philadelphia) and I’ll Take Care of You, Pilot+Projects (Philadelphia). Writing about their work can be found in Artforum and The Brooklyn Rail. They have lectured at University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Temple University, and Princeton University. Their research engages time, virtuality, modes of sensing and perceiving, labor, memory, and the global flow of raw material. 

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